Our Clients

DAMEC has worked with many clients in the past which range from all sectors and backgrounds, such as: government entities, public services, local authorities and private sectors as well as international multilateral and bilateral financiers. Since its establishment, DAMEC strives to give its clients 100% every time throughout finding the best solution to each of the clients needs and providing the optimal team to see each project through to the end.

Why our clients choose Dar DAMEC

Setting client satisfaction as the highest priorty, DAMEC was able to utilzie its resources in an effcient manner that resulted into a succesful relationship with our clients. The efforts exerted by the DAMEC team to completely understand the needs of the clients as well as the open and effective communication with the client to better anticipate their implicit needs, and the proactivity and setting of efficient action plans enable the DAMEC team to anticipate and overcome the obstacles and deliver high quality service to its clients.